The City of Colfax Seeks Proposals for Purchase and Development of Downtown Land

The City of Colfax Seeks Proposals for Purchase and Development of Downtown Land Main Photo

14 Jun 2022


The City invites prospective developers to submit proposals for the acquisition and development of City-owned property at 112 & 114 N. Walnut Street in downtown Colfax. The real estate was the former “Briggs” Building, a lovely, three-story brick and stone structure on the national registry of historic places. The building gave substantial mass, height, and sense of enclosure/sense of place to our downtown. The City seeks to replace some of the qualities that made that building great.

The City seeks to have the property developed with first floor commercial and residential use on the 2nd and 3rd floors, consistent with the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The City is seeking commercial/residential design that will enhance the character of Colfax’s Historic Downtown and the U.S. Highway 117 corridor in the City of Colfax.

All proposals must be submitted to the City of Colfax at 20 W. Howard Street, Colfax, Iowa 50054, no later than 4:00 p.m., on July 29, 2022. No submissions will be accepted after this date and time or at any other location. Proposals will be evaluated based on the acquisition price as well as the quality of the development. The City reserves the right to determine the appropriateness and merit of all submitted proposals.

All information submitted as part of a proposal for this real estate development is a public record and subject to Iowa’s open record laws. The City, at its discretion, may ask parties that timely submit proposals for further information.

To download the full request for proposals, click here.

Contact Colfax City Administrator Wade Wagoner at 515-674-4096 for additional information.

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