Location Advantages

location mapJasper County, Iowa has a prime location that makes it the right place for businesses to locate. If you need access to raw materials grown in the Midwest, or need to transport finished products throughout the country, having immediate access to Interstate 80 is a significant advantage. Since Interstate 80 runs through the center of Jasper County, connecting area businesses with major metros like Des Moines, Iowa City, Chicago, and Omaha, it is a logistical sweet spot.

railroadAdjacent to the Des Moines Metro

Many businesses wish to be near the Des Moines metro, without actually locating there. Whether this is due to the need for affordable real estate, or the desire to be away from city traffic, Jasper County is the ideal alternative to a city location. From here, businesses can reach Des Moines within minutes, yet still enjoy the abundant space and cost advantages of locating in the county. 


From a logistics and transportation perspective, Jasper County offers the access businesses need to easily reach customers and suppliers. In addition to Interstate 80 running through the county, Highway 330/65 and Highway 163 are major transportation routes that offer convenient access to regional destinations like Des Moines, Grinnell, and Iowa City. 

The Iowa Interstate Railroad, a Class II carrier, runs through the center of the County and into the Des Moines metro, where it has connections to three Class I carriers--the Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Norfolk and Southern, and Union Pacific.

The Newton Municipal Airport is an enhanced service general aviation airport, designed to meet the needs of business users. In nearby Des Moines, businesses have access to the Des Moines International Airport - taking cargo and passengers throughout the country and the world. Des Moines International is ranked in the Top 50 airports for cargo tonnage in the United States.

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