Jasper County, Iowa: The Ideal Location for Your Life and Business

Jasper County, Iowa: The Ideal Location for Your Life and Business Main Photo

23 Nov 2020


Jasper County offers the best of both worlds — the space, tranquility, and friendliness of small town America with close proximity to major metropolitan areas. You can know your neighbors and be able to look forward to seeing a familiar face at the grocery store while having quick access to the amenities of Des Moines and Iowa City. 

Located 35 miles east of Des Moines, it is the 18th most populous county of Iowa’s 99 counties (2010 census).The county is home to unique and diverse communities, each offering strong advantages for families and businesses wishing to locate in essentially the crossroads of the country — both physically and culturally. Jasper County heavily invests in both quality life for families and resources for businesses.

Benefits for Businesses

Jasper County, IA Economic Development (JEDCO) makes it easy to start and grow a business by providing information, data, and direct assistance with relocation and expansion needs. JEDCO connects companies with useful local, state, and partner organization resources to ease starting a business, hiring employees, implementing workforce training programs and expanding.

Location and Transportation. Jasper County has a prime location with affordable commercial properties that makes it the right place for businesses to locate whether the need is access to raw materials sourced in the Midwest, or to transport finished products throughout the country. Businesses can reach Des Moines within minutes, while benefiting from the abundant space and cost advantages of locating in the county. 

Interstate 80 — Main Street of the United States from New York City to San Francisco in terms of traffic volume and points of interest — runs through the county. Highway 330/65 and Highway 163 are major transportation routes that offer convenient access to regional destinations. 

Colfax main street Jasper CountyThe Iowa Interstate Railroad, a Class II carrier, runs through the center of the county and into the Des Moines metro, where it has connections to three Class I carriers: the Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Norfolk and Southern, and Union Pacific.

The Newton Municipal Airport is an enhanced service general aviation airport, designed to meet the needs of business users. In nearby Des Moines, businesses have access to the Des Moines International Airport — ranked in the Top 50 airports for cargo tonnage in the United States.

Workforce. Jasper County is home to a large self-reliant workforce known for being hard working, highly skilled, and educated. Adjacency to the Des Moines metro translates into a large laborshed to recruit from. According to a recent analysis by Iowa Workforce Development, the total potential labor force from within the area where Jasper County currently draws employees is over 226,000. The county's labor force totals 20,630.

There is a pool of talent readily available to area businesses because of the educational resources available. Des Moines Community College has a campus in Jasper County where workers can receive the training necessary to advance their skill sets. Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) has the Jasper County Career Academy on its Newton Campus which provides high school students the opportunity to earn both high school and college credit for courses taken through the program.

Benefits for Residents

It’s really all about affordability and quality of life. It’s about knowing your neighbors and your kids’ teachers. It’s about safety and security while having quick access to all that a metro area can offer.

Cost of Living. Living in Jasper County costs less leaving more money in the budget to enjoy what living here has to offer. Using 100 as the index for the average cost of living in the United States, Jasper County’s, cost of living is 88.4 - a full 11.6 points under the national average index. Explore how much bang you will get for your buck in the housing market here.

Housing. Real estate in Jasper County is affordable due to the county’s relatively low cost of living. With median home prices of $129,100, Jasper County’s cost of living is approximately 11.6% lower than the U.S. average. There are apartments in a renovated historical building, expansive rural lots to build on, new construction to buy, and mid-century modern homes to make your own. The right community for every inclination is waiting.

Recreation. Jasper County is known for its incredible trail and park system — including a regional rail trail — offering everything from hiking and bird watching to biking. There is plenty to explore with a regional average of 204 sunny days per year. There is also the Iowa Speedway, the Valle Drive-In, and a Recreation Complex to enjoy.

Education. Jasper County’s highly rated schools are smaller and close knit. Parents and children alike will appreciate all that the five community school districts and private Christian schools have to offer. As far as higher learning is concerned, there are several options where students can advance their college education or receive certifications in areas like human services or welding. Iowa State University is under an hour away.

Arts and Entertainment. There are plenty of local options where you can spend a lazy Saturday afternoon such as the Jasper County Historical Museum, Van Wijk Winery, and Maytag Dairy Farm. In nearby Des Moines, there is Pappajohn Sculpture Park, Science Center of Iowa & Blank IMAX Dome Theater, and Des Moines Art Center to name just a few cultural amenities.

Jasper County, IA : A Wonderful Place to Grow 

Whether you are a remote worker looking for an idyllic place to raise your family or an entrepreneur looking to start a business, Jasper County is the perfect place to call home. Resources, quality of life, and safety abound. 

Check how Jasper County, IA Economic Development (JEDCO) can help. Email them at JEDCOIowa@gmail.com or call 641-417-9500. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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