Jasper County Freedom Rock

7th Ave, Sully • Jasper County • Sully, IA 50251

The Jasper County Freedom Rock is located in the southeast corner of the Sully Central Park in the 300 block of 7th Street. 

The 7'x9'x10' rock weighs 18.17 tons.

The rock was painted by Ray "Bubba" Sorensen II of Greenfield, Iowa. It was dedicated as a memorial honoring U.S. veterans everywhere on July 4, 2014.

Featured on the east side of the rock is Revolutionary War hero Sgt. William Jasper , whom Jasper County was named after. The west side of the rock is Sorensen's illustration of a quote by George Washington, "When we assumed the soldier, we did not lay aside the citizen." He painted a soldier kneeling in a defensive positon adn then him also kneeling as a farmer checking his corn back home. A complete story of the painting is located on a permanent story board at the rock memorial. Engraved pavers recognize U.S. veterans with connections to the area.

Jasper County Freedom Rock's Image
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