Remote Workers Should Relocate to Jasper County, Iowa

Remote Workers Should Relocate to Jasper County, Iowa Main Photo

20 Jan 2021


Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, 43 percent of the workforce worked from home at least some of the time according to Gallup data. With the pandemic, that percentage increased, and many people switched completely to remote work. With that switch, many found the freedom to improve their quality of life with a relocation. In April 2020, people in the U.S. relocated at twice the rate they did just one year ago, The Wall Street Journal reported. This relocation trend has continued.

In general, remote workers are seeking relocation from crowded, pricey metros to smaller cities where they can more easily social distance, get more bang for their buck, and in general, have a more comfortable life. Jasper County, Iowa checks all of these boxes by offering a safe, fulfilling way of life that makes it possible to purchase a home and have the leisure time to enjoy things like the incredible regional rail trail system or a relaxing Saturday at a festival.

In Jasper County, remote workers can uniquely enjoy the best of both worlds — the space, tranquility, and friendliness of small town America with close proximity to the amenities of Des Moines and Iowa City. You can have good schools and fresh air and enjoy a night out in the city that is within the budget because living in Jasper County just costs less. Compared to the rest of the country, the cost of living in Newton, the county seat, is 21.9% lower than the U.S. average. The median home price in Newton is $101,400, compared with $140,800 in Des Moines and $223,800 in Iowa City.

Thanks to Newton Development Corporation (NDC), a community partner of Jasper County Economic Development (JEDCO), remote workers can enjoy Engage Coworking — a flexible work space with cozy amenities and access to a copier and scanner, a conference room for meetings, and superb internet connections. Because Engage Coworking is located in Legacy Plaza, the repurposed Maytag headquarters, it enjoys redundancy in its power grid infrastructure.

After the 2020 Iowa derecho, “the Newton Community School District was able to use Engage space because the Legacy Plaza complex still had power and Engage has high speed internet,” according to Tanya Michener, NDC Associate Director. 

“Engage Coworking can be used by our members, kind of like you would become a member of a gym,” said Michener. “Certain membership levels ensure certain perks and benefits.” Membership choices ranging from “daily drop-in” to your own dedicated desk or even your own office can be found here.

“This space makes sense for remote workers who may need to meet with colleagues at times or who need to have a space for clients,” said Michener. “If you are strictly someone who can do your entire job from home, a punch pass can make sense so that you can still belong to a local community and give yourself a mental break from your home environment.” 

“The last month of 2020 has brought daily use to the coworking space as we all begin to adjust to what we can do and feel comfortable with,” said Michener. “Engage offers access to cleaning supplies and Legacy Plaza adheres to masks in common spaces. In addition, NDC takes care of cleaning the Engage space. It is also easy to social distance yourself there.”

The percentage of workers around the world that is permanently working from home is expected to double in 2021 as productivity has increased during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a survey from U.S.-based Enterprise Technology Research (ETR). Working remotely is here to stay and it makes sense to do it in Jasper County.

Jasper County, IA : A Wonderful Place to Grow 

Whether you are a remote worker looking for an idyllic place to raise your family or an entrepreneur looking to start a business, Jasper County is the perfect place to call home. Resources, quality of life, and safety abound. 

Explore how Jasper County, IA Economic Development (JEDCO) can help. Email them at or call 641-417-9500. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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